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Marutirao Misalwale

Marutirao Misalwale is a popular restaurant outlet that has been holding ground and a local favorite of Ahmed Nagar for nearly 20 years now.
Since Marutirao Misalwale have been in the market for a long period of time they wanted to revamp the physical space of their outlet while retaining the spirit of their brand considering they already have a solid customer base
Their requirements of Studio Ogaan was to provide environmental branding in the form of hoardings, menus, and in-store visuals


Environmental & Menu Card, Print


Marutirao Misalwale




Menu Card Designing


Environment Branding

Printing solutions


Studio Ogaan was commissioned to improve the collaterals of a much-loved brand while retaining it’s authentic theme and spirit. The elements that required revamping were the menu cards, environmental collaterals such as in-house hoardings, and signages. 
All three elements were executed while keeping in mind the changing times and the need to reinvent but also in the retention of important nostalgic factors. 


Dining Experience

Focusing on every little detailed experience, define every touchpoint. Conceptualizing and realizing a top-tier dining experience requires more than putting together a tasty menu. You have to satisfy customers with a purpose and deliver what you are promising. Wow, guests with your restaurant’s particular panache.

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