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Health Juice 

Health Juice Centre is an extremely popular fruit juice and refreshments shop in Mumbai. Located at the iconic Kings Circle in Matunga, it serves items worth Rs. 200,000 every day.


Running since 1996, the brand had worked hard on its products and serving strategies, with over 500+ items on its menu, using unique combinations of fruits, flowers, and ingredients.

Being an outlet shop only, the brand and its visual identity had not been worked on.
Since the owners wanted to explore franchisee models for the brand, an all-new, up-to-date and international branding was asked for.


Web, Print, Digital


Health Juice



Logo, Branding & Identity Design
Visual Design 
Promotional Video / Product video
Website Design & development
Printing solutions

Through our understanding of space and environment design, Studio Ogaan put great efforts in redesigning the shopfront in Mumbai, since the shop was the largest branding opportunity.

The logo was also modernized with a simpler and more consistent design language. It ensured incorporating 
elements of the earlier design, which had built its own resonance over many years.

The attractive and colorful products were photographed creatively, to be used as the main visual collaterals in print and digital promotions.

New print collaterals included a standardized menu design, which would be used by all future franchisees.

An all-new website with an international appeal was also created, to allow interested parties in the franchisee model to absorb the brand better before discussing trade.

Studio Ogaan also provided Health juice Centre with a franchise model strategy in order to expand their established business further.


Nothing is as easily understood or as eye-catching as when it is seen and heard. We Made a Product

Audio - Visual Presentation that help you to reach your users in a very interesting way. attractive as well as most easily understood by your target group.

Website Design

The brand did not have a website in their initial brief. However, we recommended the client to have a website, since it was looking to venture into the world, attract franchisees and generate conversations around the brand. An app was also discussed and is a work in progress.


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