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Flexchamps India

Flexchamps India is an e-commerce sports -wear company that makes activewear clothes exclusively for women. Their apparels are known for their high quality and comfort


The major  requirement of the company was to have photos that spotlight their products.


Studio Ogaan was required to procure the pictures for the purpose of displaying them on the website as well as design the website, and come up with an appropriate logo


Branding, Digital, Photography, Web


Flexchamps india





Logo Design



Printing Solutions


Studio Ogaan was expected to design a website that was easy to use, appealing, and ensured the users have a satisfying experience. 

The logo that was designed for this

e-commerce website was minimal and sporty, thus aligning with the brand identity.

Behind The Scene

The studio Ogaan photography team executed this project with a whole lot of collaborative effort and team-work not only among themselves but also with the other individuals involved in this. 

They delivered excellent visuals while also enjoying the process of doing so, taking great pleasure in the process as well the result of the assignment

Website Design

The website also had to have high quality pictures that  showcased visual consistency in terms of product showcasing  (60 + products) and the model posing. The colour pallet used for this aspect was also an extremely vibrant one, tying it to the concept of active wear.


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